Chef Jae Sinnett

Jae Sinnett is a Hampton Roads Virginia broadcasting icon. For over three decades he’s been the host of the popular Sinnett in Session jazz radio show and host and producer of The R&B Chronicles heard on WHRV FM 89.5. The shows play to thousands of Hampton Roads listeners and beyond. Jae is also a nationally and internationally renowned jazz drummer, composer and music educator. He leads the highly creative and sophisticated jazz ensembles…The Jae Sinnett Trio and Jae Sinnett’s Zero to 60 Quartet.

There’s another deep passion Jae has been involved with for over 30 years … the culinary arts! Now he’s bringing his superb and artful chef skills into a new business model … The Cosmopolitan Palate. For the past three years Jae has hosted and produced “Cooking with Jae,” a social media cuisine show aired on the WHRO Public Media Facebook page and the WHRO Public Media YouTube Channel. For seven years, Chef Jae has offered “Cooking with Jae” in-home chef, private dinners to donors during WHRV FM Public Media fundraisers as an upper level premium. The dinners have been extraordinarily successful and have raised substantial revenue for the organization.

Jae Sinnett
T h e C o s m o p o l i t a n P a l a t e
Private In-Home Chef for Hire in Hampton Roads

The Cosmopolitan Palate offers a private chef, in-home, fine dining experience designed for those with discerning palates who appreciate and embrace unique and visionary flavor profiles. As the celebrity home chef, Jae brings his delicious and succulent creations into the comfortable and safe confines of your kitchen for two to ten people. Chef Jae will create a savory, exquisite and delectable menu a week in advance of your event. Then he and his sous chef will meticulously prepare full course creations in your kitchen, sure to stimulate the palates of you and your guests. Each dish is a careful balance of the familiar with the new, rich in textures and flavorful layers.

Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, retirement, promotion or gift, let Chef Jae’s Cosmopolitan Palate bring the perfect added touch to your special event.